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Our team consists of highly qulified professionals with a proven track record of delivering ingenous solutions.

  • Sujata Agarwal,

  •       President & CEO

  • Sanjay Sinha,

  •       Vice President Business Strategy & Consulting Practices

  • Ram Reddy,

  •      Business Strategy & Technology Consultant

  • Deeksha Agarwala,

  •      Director of Systems Programming

    Ram Reddy
    Business Strategy & Technology Consultant

    Ram Reddy has over 15 years of corporate IT experience in industries spanning from Manufacturing, Personnel, Procurement, Non-Profit, Financial and a variety of Service companies.

    As our Business Strategy & Technology Consultant, Reddy focuses on the strategic use of technology, restructuring the IT function for competitive agility, customer relationship management and chain supply systems. With the goal of achieving a competitive advantage, Reddy works with start-up companies and venture capital firms providing operations planning and electronic commerce development.

    Reddy has worked as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a Tier 1 supplier in the automotive sector. In that capacity, he built numerous electronic commerce solutions in the areas of MRO, Commodity and Indirect Raw Material procurement. He was also the Chief Technologist for a global Fortune 500 company. As the CIO of a major fund raising organization, he designed and led the implementation of the technology infrastructure that supported a $1 billion fund raising program.

    Reddy has written numerous published articles primarily in the information technology area covering subjects such as "Responding to Competitor Moves with Legacy Systems", "Modeling Extranet Systems for Scalability" and "Expert System Applications in the Finance and Marketing Areas". He is a frequent speaker to senior executive audiences on CRM, Supply Chain Management and Network Economy issues from a business perspective.
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