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Our team consists of highly qulified professionals with a proven track record of delivering ingenous solutions.

  • Sujata Agarwal,

  •       President & CEO

  • Sanjay Sinha,

  •       Vice President Business Strategy & Consulting Practices

  • Ram Reddy,

  •      Business Strategy & Technology Consultant

  • Deeksha Agarwala,

  •      Director of Systems Programming

    Sanjay Sinha
    Vice President Business Strategy & Consulting Practices

    With over 12 years of experience in Project Management, Product Planning and Software Development, Sanjay Sinha brings a variety of experience and knowledge to his role as Vice President Business Strategy & Consulting Practices of HiTech Solutions. His area of expertise includes Vehicle Program Management, Project management of Software Systems, Website Design and Development, and CAD/CAM/CAE Applications Development.

    Sanjay has Masters degrees in Industrial & Operations Engineering and in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. He has a proven track record as a Computer and Engineering professional. In his role as Vice President, Sanjay oversees the Business Strategy development and consulting and Placement services of HiTech Solutions, Inc.
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