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We offer complete Web Design, Web Development, Marketing and Hosting Services. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. We strive towards giving you the very best service and creating Web sites that meet or exceed your expectations.

Web Site Goal
Our sites are designed to increase traffic to your web site. We pay special attention to the fact that a site should have fast download time. Long download times may cause a visitor to lose interest in your site. We also provide alternate text for graphics in case a visitor has turned off the option of loading graphics in the browser. We pay special attention to site navigation. It is very important for a visitor to be able to navigate easily within the site. We also focus on making sure that your site has the appropriate keywords and title in the title bar so that you can get a good listing in the search engines. Our web sites range from very simple sites to complex sites which include database integration.

We provide secure environment for business transactions on the web, provide shopping carts, chat rooms, and user group capabilities.

Marketing of Web Sites
Based on your goals, we can assist you with marketing your web site. We can make customized submissions to all the search engines. We will also assist you in developing a mailing list and help you market to your customers using newsletters.

We have adopted a simple and straightforward methodology to create a web site that meets or exceeds your expectations. The following is a list of steps that we follow to develop or create your site:

1. Identify your business goals (eg. Provide information to existing customers, Generate business leads and increase sales etc.)

2. Gather your current marketing literature and create an outline of your site content. If there is no marketing material like logo etc., we can create these from scratch.

3. Once the content is finalized, we create a site map and after approval, proceed with the development.

Custom Graphics
We offer graphics design and development service. We can either work with your marketing material and incorporate it into the web site or we can help you create brand new marketing materials. We can design a new logo, brochures and elegant art work for your web site.

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